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The Benefits of Shapewear, We do Wholesale Business.

The Benefits of Shapewear, We do Wholesale Business.

First of all, when women reach their 30s or so, their living standards improve and their body functions decline, resulting in excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen. Therefore, the female body becomes bloated, but fat is a thing that can swim in the body, which does not belong to the fixed tissue of the body. So at a certain time period, women can use external pressure to shape the form, let originally hoarding belly fat, distribution and other parts, such as the breast or butt, let a female figure become more harmonious. Wearing the garment will help the postpartum mother gathered the waist and abdomen loose stomach, help to reduce the Angle of the pelvis. If postpartum cannot restore in time, after waiting for the pelvic bone to finalize the design, cannot go back again perfect figure. Traditional postpartum is the main spandex fabric on the garment, due to the fabric can speed up the metabolism of the human body, thus for toning effect is obvious, but it also has a big defect, it is too tight, so, some female friends it is hard to hold on for a long time, the postpartum and the garment is too tight on the skin is the body can cause long-term oppression, and suggest that intermittent wearing. At present stage, on the foundation of traditional postpartum model body garment, developed the product of new fabric again, the main fabric of this kind of product is given priority to with natural extraction such as cuprous ammonia fiber and model kind, the price of the postpartum model body garment of such fabrics is more expensive relatively, wear not tight and tight, also still be quite good with respect to model body effect.

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