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Waist Trainer Wholesaler Tell you How to Use Waist Trainer.

Waist Trainer Wholesaler Tell you How to Use Waist Trainer.


In addition to your diet and exercise program, there is one more thing that can help you achieve your dreams by using a waist trainer. But can you order a random one, start wearing it and get results in a few days? The answer is no! A waist trainer for your specific body, you need to wear it in the right way for the best results.

Wear a waist trainer half an hour after a meal. After urinating, remove it before going to bed. At the same time, use the waist trainer and personalize it. During normal postpartum delivery, exercise should be intensified, often doing leg lifts, sit-ups, and postpartum maternity, and taking the unfavorable and long-term dependence of the corset abdomen. Postpartum cesarean section, after abdomen dissection, long-term use of the belt is not appropriate. If the body is too thin or the internal organs are prolapsed, the internal organs should be removed after the belt is reduced.

For comfort, we wrap it in a soft towel and tie it on the belt. Use both hands to place the slack muscles on the sides of the abdomen close to the abdomen, then bring the proud abdomen of the lower abdomen close to the upper part, all close, you can ask the family to help, hug the abdomen, the front starts from the pubic bone, the back to the height of the tailbone, so wear underwear Will not hinder us from going to the toilet. During the winding process, care should be taken to flatten the belt to provide a fixed effect so that the waist trainer does not slide freely. It is best to turn one and a half to improve the proud skin and achieve better weight loss.

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