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How Effective Is Swimming To Lose Weight?

How Effective Is Swimming To Lose Weight?

Some people see that the swimming weight loss method is well-publicized, and it has a weight loss effect, so they go to the swimming pool to do a lot of swimming training, a tour is one or two hours, but not only did not get the desired weight loss effect, but head Fainting, cold limbs. Experts say that the weight loss method of swimming must be carried out step by step to achieve the best weight loss effect. This is not eager to achieve success, and it is not as long as you insist on long-term exercise, the weight loss effect will be better. Swim to lose weight must pay attention to methods. So how is the effect of swimming to lose weight?


Swimming exercise is effective for weight loss
Because the water temperature is 10 ° C lower than the body temperature, if you swim for a long time, the chill phenomenon will occur with the loss of heat from the human body. This is a signal that the body’s calorie loss begins to exceed the amount of heat produced. At this point, you should go ashore immediately to warm your body. Otherwise, the continuous decrease in body temperature will reduce the core temperature of the body, and serious symptoms such as heart rhythm disturbance and unconsciousness will appear, which will cause people to lose their motivation and even drown.

How Effective Is Swimming To Lose Weight?


Therefore, the swimming time should be from short to long. The swimming time for one or one day should not exceed 2-3 hours, and it needs to be divided into several paragraphs. Swimming to lose weight will be effective because the water temperature is low and the body’s calorie consumption is greater than land sports, which is conducive to energy and fat consumption. However, it should be noted that after swimming, there is a feeling of hunger and appetite. If you eat too much, you will not lose weight.


 Pay attention to rehydration during swimming exercise
A swimming exercise of up to 2-3 hours can reduce 1-2 kg of body weight, most of which is water, and a small amount is a fat. Therefore, during swimming breaks, 500-1000ml of fluid should be added to maintain body moisture and maintain acid-base balance.


The calories consumed when swimming are very large, which is one of the effective ways to eliminate fat without promoting human body fat growth. Swimming leads to fattening because of incorrect posture, so if you have the concept of swimming instead of losing weight but gaining weight, then you must correct it so that you can make good use of swimming to lose weight.




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