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Suitable For Home Fitness Exercises, Maybe You Want To Know.(1)

Suitable For Home Fitness Exercises, Maybe You Want To Know.

Fitness exercises can make thin and strong become stronger, make the obese people stronger, make children grow up healthily, and make the elderly healthy and live longer. So, what are the fitness exercises suitable for doing at home? The following is a collection of fitness exercises suitable for doing at home, I hope to help you!


1.Plate support
No equipment fitness method? As long as there is a mat, use a flat support every day, a group of 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds between each group,-a total of about 6 groups. The plank support exercises the muscles of the whole body. It is really good for the body if you do it all year-round.


2. Sit-ups
We have done countless sit-ups from small to large without equipment. This exercise mainly exercises the abdominal muscles, especially the rectus abdominis. Don’t try anymore.

Suitable For Home Fitness Exercises

3. Curly belly
Compared with sit-ups, the device-less fitness method can exercise the abdominal muscles more than the abdominal curl, and the abdominal curl can not hurt them back, so I also recommend it. You can use the abdominal crunches for simple curls, but you do n’t need to get up and touch your ankles with your hands. You can go on.


4. Aerobics
The equipment-free fitness method is a very good exercise for girls. It sweats a lot and does not require a lot of exercise. It takes about half an hour a day to exercise, which is really great. These can help you burn fat.



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