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Sports Psychology: Why Jogging Makes You Smarter?

Sports Psychology: Why Jogging Makes You Smarter?

In order to continuously improve their brains, humans have made endless attempts: listening to music, eating walnuts, playing crosswords, taking nutrient solutions … However, scientists have recently discovered a simple and effective method: running.

More than a decade ago, neurologists and physiologists around the world began to look for a link between exercise and intelligence. In recent months, someone has finally come up with solid evidence that exercise can strengthen and strengthen the brain, let it fight natural atrophy, and increase cognitive flexibility.

Exercise and brain
Why does exercise have such a magical effect on the brain?
First, the brain, like all organs and muscles, is a tissue, and its function gradually deteriorates with age and underutilization. Beginning in their twenties, the hippocampus of most people will shrink by about 1% every year, which is closely related to memory and certain learning abilities.

Sports Psychology:Jogging in shapewear Makes You Smarter

Exercise, like its effect on muscles, can slow down or even reverse the physical degradation of the brain. Until modern times, scientists have believed that the number of human brain cells has been fixed from birth and will never increase.

The most intellectual sport
Another question is, why is it necessary to run? Do other sports have the same effect?
Prof. Cramon, a neurologist at the Beckman Institute of Advanced Technology in the United States, said: “We can’t say at this time what type of exercise is good for the brain. But many studies have shown that continuous aerobic exercise is most effective.” In the middle of the year, he was exposed to several studies on the elderly and found that exercises that are good for the brain is not necessarily exhausting you.

In 2011, an experiment convened 120 old men and old women and divided them into two groups. One group often walks and the other group does stretching exercises. One year later, researchers found that the hippocampus in the group that walked frequently increased in volume, while in the other group, the degree of brain atrophy was no different from that of ordinary people. Moreover, the B.D.N.F content in the walking group was indeed higher than the other group, and it performed better on cognitive tests.

“Overall, the group of brains that walked was two years younger. That is, by walking alone, the brain of a 65-year-old man became 63. Is there anything more exciting than that?” Carat Professor Meng concluded.


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