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Sports Can Change Your Life

Sports Can Change Your Life

Frankly, I’m not a sports enthusiast. In the years that have passed, sports have missed me, and I have no history of glory in fitness. However, because of some changes in life this year, he has a mind to change the status quo. Leng Budding chose to start from the heart and exercise.



For the past 206 days, my mood changed from loss and helplessness to anxiety and sorrow to calmness and joy. The movement has continued, the mentality is changing, and my life is improving. Persistence in exercise is a good way to grow happily, and it is also a bridge to success.


My hobby is not sports, but sports let me regain my hobby. At the beginning of school and work, I always liked writing and thinking about it under the lamp. The longer I stepped into the society, the more I faced the complicated real life, I was no longer calm, and faintly spent years pursuing fame and fortune, slowly lost sight of who I was, and forgot my past preferences. When I started to move forward and ushered in the rising sun, my heart was still flying, and the sunlight began to illuminate the atrium. From the third month of insisting on exercise, my anxious heart calmed down, and the soul walking around gradually came to rest. I started to talk to my heart, and I was able to stand alone under the lamp on a quiet night and restart my life of handwriting my heart. This feeling of both beauty and joy is really good. Getting up early to exercise makes my thoughts fly, my life is an epiphany, the spark of thought always bursts out in the moment of movement, and the ethereal strokes become more and more exciting because of movement.

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I used to be alone and lively. Friends and family gathered together, and they would shake a few small bags from time to time, say a few funny words, and win everyone’s laugh. After going through the years, he became increasingly deep, preferring to be alone, and some of the entertainment that should have been unsatisfactory. It is understandable to be too busy with livelihoods, but it is not appropriate to just keep in touch with people. People live in gregariousness, and loneliness is not feasible. Even if I have a spectrum in my heart, I can’t stand my stubborn thoughts. Over time, I become more unfamiliar and sometimes I don’t understand myself.


Because of sports, insist on sports, all this is changing quietly. A few days ago, I hurried to a friend’s hometown in the countryside, and I was in an unfamiliar environment and the people around me. I didn’t know where to find great interest, the witty language, the free and easy manner, attracted the family of my friends Laugh with the village neighbors. Even your friends raised their thumbs, and today you are special.


Because of continuous movement, from physique to quality, from mindset to demeanor, I feel that everything is changing in the direction of my desire. This is an incredible exercise, and it is also an unexpected gain from insisting on exercise.
Life is changing because of the choice movement, and life will be better because of hard work.



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