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Why Exercise Can Reduce Stress,These 5 Exercises Can Effectively Decompress

 Why Exercise Can Reduce Stress, These 5 Exercises Can Effectively Decompress

There is pressure everywhere in today’s life, and decompression is a problem that many white-collar workers need to face. So, why can exercise reduce stress? Let’s take a closer look at it.

The reason why exercise can relieve stress and maintain a peaceful mind is related to the nostril effect. Nopalea is a hormone of the body and is called the “happy factor”. When the exercise reaches a certain amount, the body’s nostril effect can delight the nerves and even take away stress and unhappiness.


Exercise decompression method
Jogging decompression
Running is the most common and easy sport. For those who are under stress, violent jogging tends to vent; it is not as effective as jogging. Before exercising, you can do some warm-up exercises to adjust your breathing. It is best to jog for half an hour to an hour every day, and the best time is from 5 to 7 pm.


Hiking decompression
Hiking does not require skills or learning. For people who live in the countryside or have conditions to hike, choosing to decompress is a very good way. Hiking first can relieve brain fatigue and breathe the fresh air to relax. But when hiking, you need to pay attention to shoes suitable for long-term walking, it is best to bring drinking water.

Group of people doing yoga decompression

Decompression for mountaineering
Nowadays, young people increasingly like to stay indoors and stay in front of the computer. For this kind of people, it is more suitable for a mountaineering exercise on the weekend. Mountaineering can not only enjoy the scenery changes along the way but also make the whole body move. Move your bones and breathe in the fresh air.


Team exercise decompression
For students and those who need to enhance teamwork awareness, the use of team sports such as basketball, football, badminton can not only make you sweat freely, exercise physically, but also enhance cooperation and cultivate a sense of competition. The decompression effect is also good.


Swimming decompression
Swimming is a closed exercise. When a person swims, not only the spine is stretching, but also the legs need pedaling. The coordinated movement of the limbs requires the coordination of the whole body. Inhalation and exhalation of the mouth can promote blood circulation in the brain. Due to the influence of water resistance, people consume twice as many calories as they do on land. The effect of weight loss is also very good.


Yoga decompression
Yoga is more soothing. The meditative thoughts can relax. Abdominal breathing exercises can also reduce stress. Some stretching exercises can not only make your body more beautiful but also consume a lot of calories to achieve weight loss For many crushes who don’t like sports, it is very suitable. But yoga requires long-term adherence, otherwise, it will not be effective.



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