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Slim Waist Yoga Practice Two Kinds Of Yoga To Eliminate Waist Fat

Slim Waist Yoga Practice Two Kinds Of Yoga To Eliminate Waist Fat

Summer is coming, and the body’s strengths and weaknesses have also been exposed. If you want to wear a dress with voluptuous femininity, how can you not have a slender waist! The following introduces a yoga action that helps eliminate fat in the waist, which will be of great help to everyone’s summer slimming plan.


1. Standing upright, hands drooping naturally, legs open twice the width of the shoulders, inhale, arms stretched out to the sides, parallel to the ground.
2. Exhale and slowly bend your right leg into a lunge.
3. At the same time, the body bent down to the left, keeping both arms and upper body at ninety degrees.
4. If possible, grasp the right ankle with your right hand, keep breathing 5 times, and slowly straighten your right leg for a few seconds.
5. Inhale and restore to the initial action.
6. Repeat the same action once to the right, and do more times on both sides.

Slim waist yoga

This is one of the few postures in yoga where the spine is bent to both sides. Although this posture is simple, it is very practical and very popular with practitioners. It can eliminate excess fat in the waist and strengthen the hip muscles. At the same time, it has a significant effect on improving the body’s softness and flexibility.


Introduce a camel-style yoga action. When practicing this camel-style yoga, the entire spine will be fully extended and strengthened, so it has a good effect on people with sagging shoulders and some hunches.


It is even more worth mentioning that this movement is relatively simple, so it is also very convenient for those who are slightly older to practice.


Camel Yoga
1. Kneel on the ground, close your thighs and feet, and put your toes upon the ground.
2. Put the palm on the hip, stretch the thigh, bend the spine, and extend the ribs.
3. Exhale, put the right palm on the right heel, the left palm on the left heel, and if possible, put the palms of both hands on the sole of the foot as much as possible.
4. Press the sole of the foot with the palm of your hand to push the head back and the spine as far as possible towards the thigh. At the same time, the thigh should always be perpendicular to the ground.
5. Shrink the hips, further stretch the back spine and coccyx area, and the neck always stretches backward.
6. Hold this position for half a minute and breathe normally.
7. Put your hands on your hips in turn, then sit on the floor and relax.




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