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How long can I run to lose weight after giving birth?

Girls before and after pregnancy are one of the most serious cases of body deformation. Many women think about exercising to lose weight after seeing their postpartum body getting fat. However, postpartum exercise does not require very strenuous exercise but starts slowly from walking. Slow exercise. So how long do you think you can run to lose weight after giving birth? Let’s take a look together!

How long can I run to lose weight after giving birth?

Women’s uterus and body have almost recovered after forty or twenty days postpartum, so running fitness exercises can be performed at this time. However, when you first run, you should proceed step by step. Don’t run for a long time and maintain an excessively fast speed at the beginning. This will easily cause the mother to suffer from physical exhaustion and fatigue.
When running and exercising, women should arrange running intensity and exercise time according to their specific conditions. Normally, women who have given birth can usually get out of bed and walk about three days after giving birth, so they can do some light exercises after one week. These exercises help the body recover and improve immunity.

run to lose weight after giving birth

How long can I exercise to lose weight after giving birth?

Mothers who give birth naturally: You can get out of bed 2 to 3 days after delivery, and can do some exercises to contract your pelvis after 3 to 5 days; you can do calisthenics or stretching exercises two weeks after delivery; pay special attention here, if For normal delivery but with postpartum hemorrhage, the mother needs to depend on the physical condition.
Moms of cesarean section: It depends on the wound healing. Generally speaking, stretching exercises can be started after confinement, and exercises for abdominal muscles are suitable for 6-8 weeks after delivery.

Whether it is a cesarean delivery or a normal delivery, any form of strenuous exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks after delivery. In normal labor, if the recovery is good after delivery, you can start restorative exercise 6 weeks later. According to the recovery situation, cesarean section can start recovery exercise 6 to 8 weeks after delivery. Everyone’s wounds heal at different speeds, so don’t be too impatient.



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