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Five Tips For Reducing Belly Fat, Waist Trainer Can Help

Five Tips For Reducing Belly Fat,Waist Trainer Can Help

Many people want to reduce belly fat, but they do n’t know how to do it, they are very annoyed. Here are Five Tips For Reducing Belly Fat.

Running is a very good fat burning exercise.
In general, most of the time when running, the bodyweight is mainly concentrated on one of the legs. In order to maintain the balance of the body, the abdominal muscles must not only maintain a contracted state but also must make the torso (accounting for 2/3 of the total body weight) during exercise Stay upright during the process. In addition, running consumes a lot of calories. Depending on the running speed, it usually consumes 490 ~ 1103 kcal per hour.


Just doing sit-ups is not enough.

Although sit-ups are a commonly used method of fitness, it mainly plays the role of training abdominal muscles. It is impossible to rely on it only to reduce abdominal fat. It needs to be combined with other aerobic exercises with large amounts of exercise, such as skipping rope, jogging, and cycling. Not less than 30 minutes each time, preferably 3 ~ 4 times a week. This exercise can increase your body’s metabolism and consume more calories, thereby reducing excess fat.

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Changing exercise methods is more effective.
Even if you master a good set of fitness methods, you still need to change your exercise pattern every few weeks. Because the longer a fitness program is practiced, the more the body is able to cope with it for a long time, the end result is: less and less physical strength and fewer and fewer calories burned. Studies have shown that muscles can adapt to at least 4-5 ways of exercise. Avoiding muscles “coping with business” does not mean searching for new ways to exercise, and adding small tricks to your daily exercise. For example, when you are doing sit-ups, put your palms near your ears and change your arms forward or practice on the floor or train on a sloped bench.


Mo greedy alcoholic beverages.
Any alcoholic beverage may increase your waist size. 10 grams of alcohol contains the same calories as 1 gram of butter (approximately 7 kcal). Therefore, like other calorie-rich foods, alcohol also causes weight gain, and there is evidence that beer can cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen compared to other types of alcoholic beverages.


Eliminate the increase in waist circumference caused by aging.
After 30 years of age, human metabolism declines, so although the same amount of calories are consumed, the calories consumed are getting less and less. For men, excess calories are converted to fat, most of which are deposited in the abdomen, while women remain in the hips and thighs. After the age of 35, due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone secretion, the body will change the part of the fat storage, that is, most of the fat is transferred to the abdomen.

Both men and women have to deal with waist bloating due to age because they should eat less and exercise more. That is to say, after 30 years of age, the daily intake of 200 kcal of calories from the diet or 250 kcal of calories through exercise flower, so as to keep the balance of calories in and out.




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