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How To Reduce Belly Fat Without Outdoor Exercise?

How To Reduce Belly Fat Without Outdoor Exercise

If you want to be more effective in reducing fat on your stomach, it is a good way to pay attention to your diet. Here are a few methods:


1. Don’t sit down or fall asleep immediately after eating. It is best to keep standing. You can choose to take a walk or organize some things. In addition to reducing fat accumulation, it can also help digestion. Because within 30 minutes after a meal, if you stay still, it is most likely to form abdominal fat.


2. The sitting posture must be straight, for example, you ca n’t hump your back, and do n’t swing your feet handsomely, because a straight sitting posture not only makes your posture better but also keeps your belly and hips in a tense state, so the hip line is not easy to deform. As a result, the leg curve is corrected.


3. Don’t bear it. Because it is easy to make the stomach bloated and tolerate habit, it will make the rectal mucosa dull, even cause inertia constipation, and defecation is not smooth. When you wake up in the morning, you can try a cold drink or eat more fruits and vegetables, which can achieve gastrointestinal motility. 2. Promote the effect of convenience.

How To Reduce Belly Fat Without Outdoor Exercise?- pressing leg

4. Using the abdominal breathing method The method of abdominal breathing is actually very simple; when we inhale, the belly is raised and when we exhale, the belly is tightened. Although it may not be accustomed at first, it will help stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote the discharge of waste from the body. On the other hand, it can also make the airflow smoothly and increase lung capacity.


5. To shrink your abdomen all the time. When walking and standing, remember to shrink your abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing. Maybe it will be very hard a day or two before, but after a long time, you can see your lower abdomen muscles become firm. , You can easily achieve the effect of weight loss.


6. do exercise, sit-ups and other exercises are good for the thin stomach.


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