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How To Do Aerobic Exercise To Achieve Weight Loss?

How To Do Aerobic Exercise To Achieve Weight Loss

Losing weight by doing aerobic exercise is a very healthy way to lose weight, and it can also play a very positive role in the health of the body’s function, but many friends may not know exactly how to use aerobic exercise to lose weight is the most important Effective, let’s explain it for everyone, let’s take a look.


What are the benefits of aerobic exercise for weight loss?
During exercise, muscles throughout the body need more oxygen, blood circulation in the body will increase, and breathing will also increase. If you exercise for a long time, the muscles continue to contract, and the waste in the muscles will be carried away by the supplied oxygen. In addition, during aerobic exercise, the accumulated sugar in the body will be oxidized by oxygen, that is, it can be effectively consumed, and at the same time, the fat in the body will be accelerated to burn, which will also promote cardiopulmonary function. Aerobic exercise can also relax, are the main exercise method of fitness and the best healthy weight loss method.

Common aerobic exercises include walking, sprinting, jogging, swimming, aerobics, cycling, skating, skipping, basketball, football, etc. Most of these sports have good weight loss effects, and the sports equipment and methods are relatively simple, MM We might as well choose an aerobic exercise that suits you, exercise, lose weight and serve two purposes.

How to do aerobic exercise to achieve weight loss?-running

Is aerobic exercise better at controlling body fat than strength training?
First of all, aerobic exercise and strength training also has the effect of bodybuilding. The difference is that aerobic exercise consumes fat first, while strength training consumes the sugar in the body, and at the same time, aerobic exercise consumes more calories than strength training. Many, even then, it cannot be said that aerobic exercise is better than strength training. The best way to eliminate fat should be a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training. Moreover, strength training can increase the body’s metabolism more than aerobic exercise, and it can help burn calories even at rest. Therefore, the combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercise is the best way to lose weight.


Is the more aerobic exercise the better?
No, you need to focus on aerobic exercise. Although aerobic exercise can effectively consume body fat, if it is excessive, it will also consume muscles. Relevant research found that 90% of the leucine in the body will be consumed after 2 hours of aerobic exercise, and this leucine plays a very important role in muscle growth. And if you exercise too much, your muscles can easily be strained.

Therefore, aerobic exercise should be carried out step by step, and exercise intensity should gradually transition from low to high.

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