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Questions about Corsets (1)

Questions about Corsets.

Everyone has some problems when using the corset for the first time.

For example, is the corset healthy? What effect does the corset have on my body?

How should I choose a corset that belongs to me? We have categorized these common questions and answered them here, hopefully, it can help you.

Questions about Corsets

Q1: Who needs a corset?
In the concept of the average person, they all think that they need to wear a corset after the deformation of the postpartum body. But in fact, every girl needs a few pieces of corsets, and the sooner they wear the corset, the better. Because the body is still in good condition, wearing a corset can maintain a perfect shape.


Q2: The function of the corset
The corset can tightly wrap the flesh of the body and push the meat back to its original position. Everyone is not likely to be perfect, but they can adjust the golden ratio by wearing a corset and fixing them. The body naturally looks tall and slim. The stomach is composed of muscle groups and has a spreading force, so if you eat too much for a long time, the stomach will be easily stretched, and wearing a corset can be used to fix the coating and not let the stomach stretch out. The purpose of controlling the amount of food.


Q3: How to choose a corset?
(1) Know your body shape:
The first step in improving your body shape by wearing a corset is to first understand your body.

 (2) Breathable perspiration material:
In a hot and humid climate, choose a sweat-absorbent and breathable corset that can remove heat and reduce the sultry sensation. In summer, you can choose a corset with a cool feeling. In winter, you can also choose a hot body shape.

(3) Elastic fabric weaving:
The reason why the corset can help the sculpture body is to use its pressure, tightness, and pattern to shape the beautiful figure. It is not as tight as possible. It is too tight to cause slow metabolism and discomfort. To be able to wear it, you must pick a tight-fitting corset that is woven from elastic cloth.

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