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Can I Sleep with a Corset at Night?

Can I Sleep with a Corset at Night?

Many people who have just started using corsets will have this problem. Here we can tell you that it is best to take off when you sleep, no matter how much you want to slim down, healthy slimming is your choice of body sculpting. The way to sleep in a corset is unhealthy. They will become “reluctant” to take off their shaping clothes and even wear them when they sleep.

If the corset is too tight, it will affect the blood circulation, cause the body to supply insufficient blood, and cause the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestines and other organs in the abdominal cavity to be oppressed, causing the internal organs and nervous system to be in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal digestion. , causing constipation. Therefore, the corset can be worn at most during the day, and it is best to take off when sleeping at night. Moreover, sleeping in a shapeable garment can easily cause blood circulation, resulting in symptoms of edema. This is the same reason we wear loose pajamas when we sleep.

How long does the corset wear for a day?
Some people think that the longer the corset is worn, the better the body sculpting effect, but it is not. Wearing a corset for too long will affect blood circulation, hinder skin breathing, and easy skin disease. It is best to use it within 8 hours a day, and don’t wear it every day. Moreover, wearing too long, the corset will also slow down the body’s basal metabolism. 
Wearing a corset can immediately see the effect, but if you want to lose weight, no matter what method you take, you must be persevering. Wearing a corset is no exception. It is recommended to wear 8 hours a day and transfer 8-10 times. It is best to go back to the store every month to let the professional help you measure it. Slowly you will see that the corset is loose and the size will be smaller.

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