Precautions for menstrual exercise .


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Precautions for menstrual exercise

Precautions for menstrual exercise


Appropriate exercise during menstruation can regulate the body, but improper exercise can cause great harm to the body. Women should pay attention to the following points during menstruation:


1. Less exercise: It is best to participate in some usual exercises, such as gymnastics, jogging, table tennis, boxing, shooting, etc.
2. The exercise time is shortened and the speed is slowed down to reduce the amount of exercise and relax the muscles.
3. Prevent participation in violent vibration exercises: during menstruation, such as long jump, high jump, 100-meter race, football, etc., it is not suitable to participate in push-ups, dumbbells, and other physical exercises that will increase abdominal pressure to prevent excessive uterine bleeding or position changes during menstruation.
4. Prevent participation in various underwater sports: do not participate in diving, swimming, water polo, and other sports; do not take cold baths and wash feet with cold water to prevent infection and menstrual disorders.
5. Prevent competitive competition: If you participate in these sports during menstruation, it is easy to cause endocrine dysfunction due to mental stress, leading to menstrual disorders.


Precautions for menstrual exercise


Menstrual exercise to regulate diet
Menstrual resistance will be reduced, and mood fluctuates easily. A proper scientific diet can make menstrual periods more smooth and comfortable, and reasonable nutritional supplements can bring better results to menstrual exercise. The diet should be light, easy to digest, and nutritious one week before the onset of illness. Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, keep your stool smooth, and reduce pelvic congestion.


All in all, menstrual exercise should be moderate, not too tired, the diet should be supplemented with high-quality protein, and do not eat too greasy food. If you choose sports, you can choose a suitable set of sports equipment, welcome to our website to choose and buy, we provide high-quality products and affordable prices.

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