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How to take care of the menstrual period?

How to take care of the menstrual period?

1. It is suitable for cold and warm
Pay attention to climate change, especially to prevent high temperature, sun, cold, and rain; or swim, wash your hair and feet with cold water, or sit for a long time.

2. Regulate emotions
Chinese medicine believes that abnormal emotions are one of the important pathogenic factors, and the influence of mental emotions on menstruation is particularly obvious. Therefore, during menstruation, you must maintain emotional stability, feel comfortable, avoid bad stimuli, and prevent irregular menstruation.

3. Don’t abuse drugs
Generally speaking, women will have slight discomfort during menstruation, which can be eliminated by themselves after menstruation, so as not to interfere with the normal process. If there is unbearable abdominal pain or heavy bleeding, the patient should be examined and treated by a doctor. Don’t use drugs indiscriminately.

take care of the menstrual period


4. Combination of work and rest
Work, study, and perform general physical labor during menstruation can promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, thereby reducing back pain and lower abdominal discomfort, but heavy physical labor and strenuous exercise should be avoided because overwork can cause excessive pelvic congestion and cause menorrhagia, Prolonged menstruation and abdominal pain and back pain. And ensure adequate sleep to maintain sufficient energy.

5. Eat modestly
Due to the loss of menstrual blood during menstruation, sufficient nutrition is required; the diet should be light and mild, easy to digest, and not overeating to catch a cold. Due to cold blood clotting, it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea, sparse menstruation, or sudden interruption. Do not over-eat spicy, aromatic, dry, and harmful foods to reduce uterine congestion. Drink plenty of boiled water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep your stool smooth.

6. Avoid sex
Inappropriate sex can increase the risk of contracting gynecological diseases.

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