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Misunderstandings of aerobic exercise.

Misunderstandings of aerobic exercise.



If you are just starting aerobic exercise and do not understand aerobic exercise, it is recommended that you first understand the misunderstandings of aerobic exercise.


Misunderstanding 1:The longer you exercise, the more you should eat.

Most fitness enthusiasts believe that before a long period of exercise, eat enough food, and then sweat like rain to burn these calories. In fact, the extra food they ingested requires two more hours of aerobic exercise (such as running) before it can be consumed. Excessive exercise time will lead to overtraining and sports injuries. Therefore, just take in the right amount of food before exercising.


misunderstandings of aerobic exercise


Misunderstanding 2: The effect of weight-bearing exercise is good.

Some people carry heavy objects during cardiopulmonary exercises, such as holding a pair of dumbbells with both hands, which will not only reduce calorie burning but also disrupt body balance and even cause injury. The best way is to increase the intensity of the exercise, not to increase resistance.


Misunderstanding 3: Practice the same project every day.

If you repeat the same item every day, your body will gradually adapt, but it will burn less and fewer calories. The best choice is to alternate between running, cycling, and machine strength exercises for better fitness results.


Misunderstanding 4: Give up short exercise.

In fact, 10 minutes of aerobic exercise is also useful. As long as the needles are inserted and the time is fully utilized, you can accumulate more. For example, it is better to run for 10 minutes in the morning, midnight, and evening than not moving at all.


Misunderstanding 5: Read a book or TV while exercising

If you do this, it means that the exercise intensity is not up to the requirement. When you exercise, you should focus your attention to ensure that every movement is correct.



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