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How Should The Pectoral Muscles Be Trained?

How Should The Pectoral Muscles Be Trained?

The pectoral muscle is an important muscle that shows a man’s posture. Many friends don’t look upright, because the pectoral muscles are not obvious. Sometimes it feels listless. The pectoral muscles are larger muscles of the human body and are easier to practice. The main thing is to master the right exercises. Today I will teach you how to train your chest muscles.


Many friends found that chest muscles did not increase after exercise, and they felt ineffective that they gave up exercising. In fact, as long as they learn how to exercise the pectoral muscles, every man will have a thick chest. The pectoral muscle consists of two parts. Most people exercise under the chest during exercise, and they believe this will make the pectoral muscles sharper.


In fact, the exercise of the upper pectoral muscles is also very important.It can more effectively shape the shape of the pectoral muscles. Training the pectoral muscles has many advantages, which not only can improve our breathing ability, but also make us brave. Pectoral muscles.


Bench press
Bench press is an effective method of training the pectoral muscles. It can be used to exercise the strength of the entire chest muscles. During the exercise, the distance of the arm should be opened a little more, and a companion should be found to protect it from injury. If your wrist is uncomfortable, wear a wrist brace to keep the barbell as close to your chest as possible. When lifting weights, you can fully extend your elbows and pay attention to deceleration. The weight of the last group can increase to your own limit. Do one to three, this will better stimulate the chest muscles and let the muscles tear and grow.


2. Inclined bench press
Bench presses are less obvious on the upper side of the pectoral muscles, and other exercises must be done. This action is very effective for stimulating the upper side of the pectoral muscles. When practicing, feel the strength of the upper side of the pectoral muscles, try to use the upper part of the chest to lift up, master the essentials of movement, increase the weight appropriately, and protect your peers.

How Should The Pectoral Muscles Be Trained?-running

3. Forward push-ups
Normal push-ups are less irritating to the upper chest. Put your feet on a bench of suitable height. Put your feet together. Your hands are as wide as your shoulders. Do it slowly, it is recommended to 4-6 groups, 20-30 each.


4. Flat Dumbbell Flying Bird
The intensity of this action is relatively small.You can practice it at the end.When training, the body lies flat. Dumbbells are lifted directly over the chest of the body, and then arms are spread out to control the fall of the dumbbells. When descending to the lowest point, the elbows do not need to be extended Straight, stop for a while. Do it slowly, feel the muscles stretch and contract, especially the sense of strength in the upper chest, so that the muscles feel congested.



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