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How does abdominal hip fat lose weight?

How does abdominal hip fat lose weight?

People working in office buildings experience a problem of sitting for a long time, usually 8 hours or more. After sitting for a long time, the hips really got bigger and the thighs got thicker. How can we change sedentary obesity? What is sedentary obesity? Sitting obesity-as the name suggests, prolonged sitting can lead to obesity, which is characterized by large hips, strong thighs, and a large accumulation of abdominal fat.


Sitting for a long time will cause about 70% of the body’s weight to rest on the buttocks, and the effect of gravity will cause the buttocks to “drop” for a long time and become sagging without fullness. At the same time, the accumulation of fat on the buttocks causes the buttocks to swell, which in turn becomes a loose buttock. At the same time, sedentary will also make the blood circulation of the legs unobstructed, resulting in stiff, strong, and stiff thighs; and abdomen due to sedentary fat will continue to accumulate and become sedentary obesity of the lower limbs over time, commonly known as pear obesity. How to change sedentary obesity?


1. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily is the source of life. Drinking plenty of water helps metabolism and expel toxins from the body. But when people are busy, they often forget to drink water. You can put a cup or water bottle on your desk.abdominal hip fat lose weight


2. Stand for more than 15 minutes after lunch. Don’t sit down and rest. First stand against the wall for 15 minutes. When standing, keep your waist and back straight and use your abdomen to breathe. You can also do tiptoes and raise your feet for exercise.



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