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What Are The Methods Of Weight Loss?

What Are The Methods Of Weight Loss?

There are many kinds of sports in the slimming exercise. Of course, the slimming effect of these slimming exercises is not the same. Some sports have good effects and some sports effects are ordinary. What are the methods of slimming weight loss? of. So, what are the methods to lose weight? Let’s take a look at the weight loss exercise!


 1. Massage
Apply massage cream to the thin areas. Gently press with your hands and draw a circular massage around the joints. Press for 20 minutes a day, and it will slowly work. You can lose 0.5 kg a week.
The basis for weight loss: good blood circulation is very important, warm feet, massage from the bottom up is correct!


2. Sit-ups
Just do it slowly, ten times a day in the morning and evening, this spring can reduce your waist by 3CM!
The basis for weight loss: sit-ups to build muscles, muscles burn fat, and the lower abdomen becomes firmer.

Methods Of Weight Loss

3. Interactive squat jump
Do it 30 times a day. After 1 month, you can feel that the fat loss becomes muscles and your body becomes firm.
The basis for weight loss: After becoming a muscle, it will become fat for a while, and then the muscle will burn fat. It is very important to continue!


4. Twist
About once, do 30 × 3 times a day, lost about 2 kg a month.
The basis for weight loss: The action of twisting the waist can move the muscles of the waist to sleep, effectively burning fat.


5. Aerobic exercise
Compared to breathless intense exercise, gentle aerobic exercise can burn fat better.
The basis for weight loss: The energy of active muscles is formed by the burning of fat in the blood with oxygen. If there is insufficient oxygen in the blood, it will not burn fat. So light exercise for 20 minutes to fill the blood with oxygen.


6. Rope skipping
15 minutes a day is enough, and after five days it feels fat burning! 1 kg thin a month.
The basis for weight loss: “Very effective!” There are many sayings, skipping rope (aerobic exercise) is very useful for burning fat.


7. Stretching exercises
Blood circulation becomes better when stretching the body, and fat does not accumulate. It also has a good effect on the slight hump.
The basis for weight loss: The hunchback is because the back and abdominal muscles are not enough. Pay attention to the posture, and naturally, the muscles will grow.


8. Walking
Walk for an hour a day, at least 30 minutes, and even lose 5 kg in the spring.
The basis for weight loss: After walking 20 minutes a day, fat burning can last for 10 hours. Although simple, it is representative of aerobic exercise.


9. Press the back of the knee
Use your fingers to press down on the inside of your knees.
The basis for weight loss: This is where the lymph is easy to accumulate. It is important to press to strengthen the flow.


10. Swimming + dinner without staple food
Go swimming three days a week, and insist on not eating staple food for dinner every day. The effect is obvious!
Exercise plus proper diet control is the best way to lose weight. On the one hand, control calorie intake, and increase calorie consumption. So as to speed up fat burning and achieve the purpose of slimming. However, if you are still studying, it is best not to control your diet, so as not to affect physical fitness, lead to stunted growth, and will also have an impact on the school.



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