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Losing Weight Through Exercise Or Losing Weight? You Entered These Four Misunderstanding

Losing Weight Through Exercise Or Losing Weight?

Exercise is the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight, but why can’t some people exercise every day? This may be because you made the following mistake.


Four big mistakes in exercise to lose weight: 1. Resting for 30 minutes without exercise requires calories, which are mainly provided by three productivity nutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. At the beginning of exercise, the body mainly consumes carbohydrates to provide energy and consumes less fat. Under normal circumstances, about 30 minutes after exercise, fat consumption will increase. If you stop exercising at this time, the fat burning effect of exercise will be negligible.

Losing weight through exercise

2. Daily single sports can be divided into endurance exercise (aerobic exercise), strength exercise and flexible exercise. Each exercise has its own advantages. Endurance exercise makes fat burning effective and can enhance cardiopulmonary function; strength exercise can strengthen muscle strength, enhance muscle elasticity and improve metabolism; flexible exercise can make joints flexible.


If you insist on aerobic exercise every day, losing fat while losing muscle is not good for improving metabolism. At first you will lose weight, but once you stop exercising, your body will easily rebound. In addition, in terms of the amount of exercise, continuous exercise can improve people’s ability to exercise, so continuous exercise cannot produce significant stimulation to the body, and the effect is not obvious.


3. Hungry stomach exercise and fasting exercise consume too much, which will lead to liver glycogen deficiency and hypoglycemia. In addition, after fasting, your hunger will be stronger, making you unable to resist eating after exercise. In this way, fat is “made up.”


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