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Can Lose Weight Without Eating?Here Are Some Sayings

Can Lose Weight Without Eating?Here Are Some Sayings

Some people believe that if you do n’t eat, you will lose weight. If you do n’t eat, you will have a very little intake of carbohydrates. Without a certain amount of energy, the body will mobilize fat and decompose and oxidize to ensure the nutritional requirements of important organs in the body and reach weight. The purpose of the decline. The weight loss of the body will also pay a great price. After the mobilization of fat, a large number of ketones will be produced in the body. After the ketones exceed the liver’s metabolic capacity, they will be excreted from the urine. Excessive production of ketones is very harmful to the body. You can lose weight without eating, but it is very easy to develop hypoglycemia, especially after prolonged standing or strenuous exercise, symptoms of hypoglycemia, severe hypoglycemia coma, and fatal damage to the body. If you do not eat for a long time, the secretion of gastric acid will cause damage to gastric mucosa, cause chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and even lead to the occurrence of gastric malignant tumors.

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Not eating will most likely cause people to lose control of themselves. why? Too hungry leads to excessive gluttony, which loses your control over overeating. Sometimes I use hunger as an excuse to allow myself to eat unhealthy foods, such as pizza or french fries.

You can lose weight without eating, but this method is not advisable. Although dieting can reduce weight, it is to reduce the water and tissue protein in the body, fat is not lost at all, and it will affect endocrine function. Therefore, it is best to choose a scientific method to lose weight. You can adjust the diet structure. Do not eat hot and angry, too sweet, high calories, greasy things, do not overeating, eat three meals a day, eat more fruits. Vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise more to keep you happy.

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