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Lose Weight To Be Healthy Is The Best. Stick To Exercise And Temperate Diet.

Lose Weight To Be Healthy Is The Best.

1. Among all kinds of sports, the most ideal weight loss exercise is swimming. Swimming is an aerobic exercise and consumes a lot of calories. This is because the heat transfer in water is 28 times that of air, and the heat consumed by a person staying in water for 8 minutes is the same as the heat consumed in the air at the same temperature for 2 hours. So it has a better slimming effect. When swimming, people’s metabolism is very fast. It can consume 1,100 kilojoules of calories in 30 minutes, and this metabolic rate can be maintained for a period of time after you leave the water, so swimming is a very ideal way to lose weight. When swimming, the human body is held up by the buoyancy of water and used in conjunction with hands and feet. The joints and muscles of the whole body are evenly coordinated, and all parts of the human body are stretched, making the shape more even.

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2. Simple and easy running is called the king of aerobic metabolism, and jogging during running is even called fitness running. Jogging is simple, the amount of exercise is easy to adjust, and the effect of weight loss is even more significant. Many people who lose weight ask how to lose weight quickly and healthily, choosing jogging is right! During jogging, the waist, back, and limbs are constantly moving. In addition to effective fitness, it can also burn fat, thereby reducing the storage of body fat and achieving the effect of weight loss. But it should be noted that jogging should be replenished in time. It is best to run 3-5000 meters every day, and run as normal, without the forefoot. After running, muscle stretching should be performed for about 15 minutes. Jogging has a positive effect on maintaining good heart function in middle-aged and elderly people, preventing the elastic decline of lung tissue, preventing muscle atrophy, and preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis. At the same time, it can accelerate fat consumption to achieve fast weight loss.

3. Not everyone learns to grasp the magical weight loss effect of skipping rope. From the amount of exercise, continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent to the energy consumed by jogging for 30 minutes or aerobics for 20 minutes. Therefore, skipping is also an aerobic exercise that can consume a lot of calories in a short time. In the beginning, you can jump in place for only 1 minute. After 3 days, you can continuously jump for 3 minutes. After 3 months, you can continuously jump for 10 minutes. After six months, you can implement “series jump” every day.

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