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Should I Lose Weight Or Gain Muscle First?

Should I Lose Weight Or Gain Muscle First?

Many people are struggling to lose weight or gain muscle first. In fact, we can increase muscle while losing weight. What I want to tell you today is how to increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time.


1. Don’t focus too much on the abdominal muscles, big muscle groups are king
Large muscle groups are the key to gaining muscle and reducing fat. Only training large muscle groups can make the body achieve better exercise effects. Legs, back, shoulders, and chest are the most critical parts of the body.

The leg is particularly important. Studies have shown that leg training is very helpful for arm muscle growth, because it is the largest muscle group in the human body, and it can maintain good hormone levels in the body.

Don’t focus too much on the training of your arms and abdominal muscles. You should also train your legs, back, shoulders, and chest at least once a week.

 Lose Weight Or Gain Muscle First?

2. Combination of size and weight, better training effect
Heavyweight can stimulate the muscles more, forcing the body to become stronger in order to adapt to the training intensity, in order to achieve the purpose of gaining muscle.

And lightweight training is very helpful for improving muscle endurance and can strengthen the overall training intensity and fitness results in the future.

Of course, the heavyweight does not need to reach the impact limit every time. It can be arranged to do 8 to 12 times to just exhaust the weight, and occasionally breakthrough to achieve 3 to 4 times to just exhaust the weight.

3. Arrange a reasonable aerobic exercise, don’t forget to stretch!
If your fat is high, but you are not the strongest type that needs to store fat function-refer to weightlifters, then you still need to perform aerobic training, because it is the most effective way to burn fat in a short time.

Of course, some people say that the comprehensive burning of fat after anaerobic training is also very high, but we said earlier that compared with aerobic exercise in a short time, anaerobic is still inferior in this respect.

Of course, don’t forget to warm up before exercise and stretch after exercise!




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