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The Easiest Way To Lose Weight In Spring Exercise: Rear Leg Lift

The Easiest Way To Lose Weight In Spring Exercise: Rear Leg Lift

Adhering to a certain exercise can soothe the bones and muscles, and can make the whole person become energetic! Exercise weight-loss method, you can easily lose weight with a simple movement! Come and try it out!
The easiest way to lose weight with spring exercise


1, hip lift exercise to lose weight
Make 25 moves in one set and do three sets. The method is: stand with your feet parallel and spaced apart a foot wide. With your hands on your backs, cross over your hips. Back straight, scapula opens back, chest, hips closed. While leaning down, tilt your hips backward and your legs bent. Keep your chest forward and your shoulders not to fall.


2.Side kick
10-20 times in 1 round, and make 1-3 rounds in total. The way to lose weight by side kicking is to put the chair on your side and support it with one hand. Lift the outer leg slowly outwards, until the muscles on the outer hips feel tight. Going back to step 1, this time kicking back slowly until the posterior gluteal muscles feel tight.

Lose Weight In Spring Exercise: Rear Leg Lift

3. Rear leg lift
Each leg has 9-10 counts for 1 round, and a total of 2-3 rounds. The way to lose weight through this kind of exercise is to put the lumbar bone on the back of the chair to form a lying shape. With one foot straight, lift it up slowly.


4. Raise your legs
Do this 10 times in 2 groups. This exercise method of weight loss requires lying flat with your feet close together, inhaling, exerting pressure on your abdomen and thighs, pushing up 45 degrees, keeping your legs straight, exhaling, and slowly lowering.


A set of 10 actions, a total of 2 freestyle exercises. Weight loss requires lying flat, hands straight forward, raising left hand and right foot, knowing that the muscles are tight, put down, change direction



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