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How To Exercise Can Lose Weight At Night?

How To Exercise Can Lose Weight At Night?

In common sense, morning is the best time to exercise. The effect of weight loss at night is always doubtful. But in fact, the effect of weight loss at night will be better. The human body has the highest body temperature from 6 to 8 pm, the body is most flexible and sensitive, and the muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function are also in the best state. Exercise at night can help food digest faster, fat metabolism will speed up, and the effect of weight loss is quite obvious.

Since exercise at night has such a good weight loss effect, how do you do it specifically? What exercise is good at night?
Good weight loss exercise at night


1. Stand after a meal
Standing is a simple exercise. After dinner every day, stand for half an hour in the standard standing posture and persist for a long time, you will find that your waist and legs have become thinner. When standing, pay attention to clamping the buttocks, and press the entire back firmly against the wall.


2. Step backward
Reverse walking consumes 31% more oxygen and 15% faster heart rate than forward walking. Therefore, walking backward is one of the most economical and effective ways to lose weight.

Walking backward can prevent low back pain because it strengthens the muscles of the back thighs and the back muscles. According to reports, walking backward also has the effect of protecting the cerebellum. Exercise and weight loss are conducive to improving the flexibility and coordination of the body. It is a very effective and beneficial method for the elderly to exercise.


3. Turn Hula Hoop
The reason why the hula hoop can play a significant weight loss function is that during the process of turning the hula hoop, the hula hoop’s continuous movement on the lower abdomen can accelerate the peristaltic speed of the intestine so that the body can quickly The accumulated garbage is quickly discharged and helps to resolve the pain of constipation. In addition, when turning the hula hoop, it is best to be able to persist for more than 30 minutes each time, so that you can consume more fat. In the hula hoop, keeping it 3 to 4 times a week can quickly lose weight.

Lose Weight  At Night -Turn Hula Hoop

4. Jogging
Jogging is a simple aerobic exercise, which can move the muscles of the whole body, promote the body to burn fat, and achieve weight loss. It is worth noting that the real-time to burn fat does not start until 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so running needs to last more than half an hour. The long-distance running for more than 30 minutes can not only exhaust the glycogen in the body but also use the fat in the body.


5. Yoga
Yoga doesn’t need much space, it can be done on the bed at home. Yoga at night can stretch the muscles of the whole body, relax the spirit, reduce fat and help sleep.



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