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How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise

How to exercise to lose weight fastest?
1. Aerobic exercise is most effective for weight loss
 What exercise is best for weight loss in winter? High-efficiency aerobic exercise is usually the best weight loss exercise. The so-called aerobic exercise refers to the oxygen obtained by breathing during exercise, which can continuously supply sports muscles, metabolize sugar and fat to provide energy under the action of enzymes, and insist on continuous exercises, such as cycling, walking, going upstairs, running, swimming and other sports.


2. Squats are more effective than sit-ups
Most people don’t like to move in winter, but some people choose to do a few sit-ups before going to bed every day. They want to use these exercises to suppress the fat belly in winter, but this is often contrary to their wishes. To get motivated.
Experts mentioned that if you do sit-ups less than 150 times per training, you cannot achieve weight loss. Sit-ups are tiring, but they do n’t consume a lot of calories. It ’s not as good as doing squats, push-ups, etc., and they do n’t consume more calories than running. Weight loss exercise.

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3. Ten minutes to climb the building consumes 200 calories
In addition, when outdoor exercise is not very convenient in winter, you can take advantage of indoor conditions. For example, do n’t take the elevator when going upstairs. Climbing a building consumes a lot of energy. Climbing a building for ten minutes a day can consume nearly 200 calories. Watch TV every day, get up and exercise for 20 minutes, half squats, sidekicks, running in place, stepping left and right are all good sports. As long as it moves, it will be effective.
In winter, people’s immunity decreases and they are susceptible to illness, so another focus of the winter fitness program is to prevent illness through effective exercise. However, unplanned and irregular exercise not only fails to keep fit but also causes illness due to physical discomfort.


4. Adhere to the principle of exercise 531
The benefits of exercise for weight loss and the body do not want to say more. We will introduce to you the principle of 531 exercises, that is, exercise 5 times a week, each exercise for at least 30 minutes, and the heartbeat per minute should reach at least 110 beats. You can also calculate the most suitable exercise intensity according to the following formula:
Heartbeat rate = (220-age) × (0.6 ~ 0.8)
Caution: brisk walking is the best exercise for weight loss. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, treadmills, spacewalkers, swimming, cycling, aerobic dance, etc. all need to follow the 531 principles to achieve weight loss results;


 Aerobic exercise must be accompanied by anaerobic exercise. Studies have found that the more people who have lean body tissue, the higher the basal metabolic rate. Those with a high basal metabolic rate are less likely to gain weight, while anaerobic exercise can build muscle and increase the basal metabolic rate. In addition, the biggest difference between anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise is that doing anaerobic exercise will not make people breathless like doing aerobic exercise, because you must close your breath when doing anaerobic exercise.


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