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What Exercise Consumes The Most Calories, Do You Know?If You Are Curious, Look Down!

What Exercise Consumes The Most Calories?

Ladies often hang a weight on their lips. The method of losing weight is nothing more than dieting and other methods that are both unhealthy and easy to rebound. It is really difficult to lose weight in a busy life. But as long as you know how to choose the easiest weight-loss exercise, it’s easy to lose weight!

Six weight loss exercises that consume the most calories
The best way to burn more calories is to do some exercises that can help your body’s metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more effective the weight loss will be. The following six sports can also increase the strength of the forging chain according to your physical condition, and consume more calories in a short time!


Summer is hot. The most suitable exercise is swimming. In addition to cooling down, it is also effective for weight loss. In addition, swimming can move the entire body, and the calories consumed are very high. Every 20 minutes of butterfly swimming can consume 470 calories and burn fat for half an hour each time!
In the process of swimming in frozen water, the body will naturally warm-up, which is more effective for us to lose weight and burn calories. However, you should control your diet after swimming to avoid overeating due to fatigue.

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Jogging is also an option for many people to lose weight. Like swimming, they can move the whole body and improve the cardiovascular system. The jogging pace is about 7-8 kilometers per hour, and you can burn 755 calories in just one hour.
Although jogging is not high-intensity exercise, the effect of calorie consumption is very good. Jogging should be maintained for at least 30 minutes because the body consumes fat after 20 minutes of exercise. It is best to jog for more than 30 minutes.


Skipping rope
Rope skipping is a type of aerobic exercise that is very suitable for weight loss. Even if you jump a few times, you may be out of breath. Coupled with the low cost of skipping rope, and skipping rope at home, it is most suitable for busy people to do at home!
Skipping the rope in 30 minutes can consume 440 kcal, which means that in less than five hours, you can lose 1kg of fat. After skipping, you can massage your calves to prevent them from forming muscle legs.


Run the stairs
Running stairs is also a low-cost exercise with high weight loss results. Ordinary walking stairs do not help much to lose weight, but running stairs has the effect of burning calories, even better than running in place!
Running stairs can also forge the strength of the lower limbs. However, running the stairs has a greater burden on the knees, and people with injured knees or obese bodies are not suitable for running stairs.


Battle rope
A commonplace in the battle rope is the fitness room. A series of movements with both hands waving the battle rope up and down can help reduce fat on the arm and exercise the back muscles.
The amount of exercise with the battle rope is very large. The process can sweat a lot and consume a lot of calories and fat. In just ten minutes of exercise, you can already consume 112 calories.


Burpees is a high-intensity intermittent training anaerobic exercise, a continuous movement that can move up to 70% of the body muscles of the upper and lower limbs at a time, and burns twice as much heat as running.
Burpees include squats, jumps, and other actions. Only a small space is required. With bare hands, you can burn 500 calories in 10 minutes! You can do Burpees 10 times in the initial stage, then rest for ten seconds, and do ten times in a loop, or 30 Do the most in seconds, then rest for 30 seconds, and do the same cycle ten times.

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