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How To Fitness Properly? Here Are Some Fitness Methods To Help You.

How to fitness properly?

1. Make progress step by step and do what you can. This is the basic principle that should be strictly followed in fitness exercise. Try to lift the weight that can not exceed one’s own capacity. Especially after the interruption of training, when restarting training, you should not rush to increase the exercise load (including weight, intensity, density, time), nor should you use the previous training weight. There must be a recovery phase to make the body gradually adapt.


2. Action specification. Irregular movements can cause accidental damage to joints, muscles, and ligaments. For example, when doing a supine bird, the arms are lowered too low, beyond the bearing range of the joints, and the active muscles lose control of the weight, which will cause shoulder or elbow joint injuries or ligament strains. For another example, when practicing barbell squats, if the chest and waist are included, it will not only affect the quality of training but also cause lumbar spine injury. Therefore, action norms are an important factor in preventing sports injuries.


3. Reduce the amount of exercise or stop exercising when the state is not good. The human body’s motor function has peak and trough periods. When the body is in poor condition, it is necessary to reduce the amount of exercise or rest for a day or two for adjustment. Don’t do it reluctantly, because injuries are often caused by a lack of energy when you are in poor condition.

How To Fitness Properly?


4. Change fitness methods or places when you are depressed. Changing the way of fitness or the regulation of the mood of the fitness place can play a positive role when the mood is low. Taboo the training of “following the body and disobeying the heart” and distracting thoughts.


5. Ask a partner or coach to protect and help when carrying heavy loads. When carrying heavy loads or completing difficult movements, please ask your fitness partner or coach for protection and help, so as to be prepared.


6. Concentrate and strengthen self-protection. Concentration can not only improve the quality of training but also prevent accidental injuries. When there are signs of discomfort (such as pain) in the body during exercise, the amount of exercise should be appropriately reduced, or exercise should be stopped to strengthen self-protection.


7. Guarantee rest. After fitness exercises, the body is overdrawn and muscle cells are damaged. You need adequate rest to promote body recovery and muscle growth. Rest includes adequate sleep and other recreational activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health. Poor rest not only affects the body’s recovery but also easily leads to overtraining and sports injuries.

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