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Frequently Asked Questions About Beginners Going To The Fitness Club.

Frequently asked questions about beginners going to the fitness club.

1. Warm up first, then use the home treadmill:

Many people who exercise for the first time go to the fitness club and run two steps on a treadmill at home without a word. In fact, this kind of practice is wrong. Before jogging, you should do a warm-up exercise. The warm-up exercise can raise the temperature of the muscles, making the muscles more and more soft and not easy to bruise. You can press the splits or do two sets of squatting exercises.

For the first time beginners use a treadmill at home, they should walk first, and then run for 15 minutes. This amount of exercise should be maintained for 3 weeks, and then gradually increase the dose according to their physical fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beginners Going To The Fitness Club.


2. Test the balance before practicing large and medium equipment:

Organized statistics in the United States have analyzed that people who stepped into a fitness club for the first time experienced fitness exercise damage in 45 days. British bodybuilding champion Ruben reminded everyone that because large and medium-sized equipment has high requirements for the flexibility and stability of the human body, it is necessary to carry out at least one month of balanced, stable and flexible exercise before training.

If you remain standing in your upper body but can’t squat down, or touch the ground with one foot, and you can’t maintain stability after closing your eyes, then don’t touch the large and medium-sized equipment in the fitness club.


3. Energy training starts from the barbell:

Many beginners in sports and fitness first come to the fitness club and want to practice all the equipment. Aerobic training equipment like home treadmills is generally not easy to cause fitness damage when warming up. As everyone knows, muscle training equipment like chest presses and dumbbells is not very suitable for beginners to train.

For beginners, if you want to practice energy, you can choose a 3-5 pound barbell, place your hands on your chest, and do 12-15 training exercises, 2-3 sets.


4. 40 minutes is the best fitness time:

Many people stay at the fitness club for many hours and practice all the equipment, but they still feel uncomfortable. It is very easy to get tired, cause muscle aches, and cause knee joint damage if they are not paying attention.

For beginners in sports and fitness, 40 minutes is sufficient. You can run for 15-20 minutes, practice energy for 10 minutes, and do some flexibility training.


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