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How to buy a body corset, there have some guidelines!

How to buy a body corset. there have some guidelines!


The general body size guidelines are as follows: If your natural waist (curved left and right) is less than 38 inches, choose a corset that is 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waist. If your natural waistline is more than 38 inches, choose a corset that is 7-10 inches smaller than the natural waistline.

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Based on our experience, we allow our customers to order a natural waist size of 4-7 inches. So if you have a 29-inch waistline, you can order a #24 bodice.

Because the price of body-building products used after childbirth is quite high, before the purchase and purchase, provides some points for your reference.

(1) Consider your own needs before buying, and ask yourself what you want to achieve with these products.

(2) Do not over-expect the effect of the product, so as not to achieve the desired effect at that time, resulting in psychological imbalance. Have confidence in your body.

(3) Because it is a close-fitting item, the choice of material is very important, and the body part is better.

(4) Products that are not necessarily expensive are more effective. When purchasing, you should shop around and buy products that suit you.

(5) To purchase products with no problem and brand.

(6) Don’t buy too tight products in order to achieve the effect quickly, so as not to hurt the body.

(7) When using the product, use it as an auxiliary product. Do not use the product as the only body shaping tool.

(8) It is not good to tell yourself that it is a bad time to make a huge change in your body. Set your own medium and long-term goals and adopt a gradual approach to body shaping. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


For more guides, you can also check this article below. Hope it works

How to Buy a Corset

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