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How to choose the corset that suits you?

How to choose the corset that suits you?

Look at the tightness of the corset: I know that the corset is not tight. You must apply evenly to all parts of the body so that the entire body can get the same pressure. This pressure can massage fat and make subcutaneous fat.

In order to achieve even distribution, you should measure your body shape before purchase and choose the right size. The corset is too tight, the pressure will be too comfortable, and even the lymphatic pressure will cause edema. In addition, the one-piece corset will be better. Look at the strength and tension of the corset: in general, the elastic bodice has a better effect.

When the body changes, the body can make some adjustments but don’t choose a too flexible bra. Because in order to achieve a good body shaping effect, the corset must have a stable size, so it is best to know before buying, look at the speed of recovery, try to choose a slightly elastic corset. Look at the material of the corset: the corset is usually worn inside, so it must be soft, comfortable, breathable, and sweaty. Therefore, you must understand the coring material to avoid skin irritation. This will ensure that women will not wear hot or sweaty rashes when worn for long periods of time;

Look at the design of the corset: high-quality corset manufacturers generally carry out special body design on important parts such as chest support, waist, back and buttocks to ensure the body shaping effect, and the overall design of the corset fits the human body curve. Claim.

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