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How Many Calories Do Push-ups Burn?

How Many Calories Do Push-ups Burn?

We often say that exercise can lose weight. This is mainly because exercise can consume calories, and fat contains calories. By consuming calories, you can lose excess body fat. Every exercise consumes calories, more or less. So how many calories do you think push-ups burn? Let’s take a look at fitness knowledge!


How many calories do push-ups burn?

The amount of energy consumed by push-ups is determined by the individual’s weight and exercise time. Different people do push-ups with different calorie expenditure effects. Taking 60KG boys doing push-ups as a reference, half an hour of push-ups is equivalent to consuming 240 kcal. This is equivalent to 208 grams of white rice consumed. Doing push-ups for 4 minutes is equivalent to the calories consumed by walking 1 kilometer at a moderate speed. A girl with 52KG does push-ups for 20 minutes and consumes about 140 kcal. It can be seen that the calories consumed by push-ups are not many.

How many calories do push-ups burn?

Can push-ups lose weight?

Push-up postures are only for stimulation and strengthening of the pectoralis major muscles of the upper limbs. Simply doing push-ups to lose weight is not very effective, because push-ups are self-weight exercises. If you want to lose weight, you should choose regular and regular aerobic exercise and anaerobic Sports (gym equipment training) combined training method. In this way, fat can be consumed efficiently, which is more conducive to fast exercise and weight loss.


The benefits of doing push-ups for girls.

1. Girls do push-ups to increase breasts

Girls should practice push-ups more because push-ups are very helpful in shaping the curve of the chest and removing the fat on the back of the upper arm. 50% of the girl’s chest is fat, and the rest is made up of drape ligaments. Push-ups are conducive to the fullness of the pectoralis major muscle and increase the latitude of the chest. More importantly, it can strengthen the drape ligaments. Regular push-ups can prevent chest sagging. It also helps your breasts become more upright.


2. Girls do push-ups to increase strength

Push-ups are self-weight strength training. If you want to do push-ups, the most important thing is to practice the strength of your arms and chest. The strength of women is weaker than that of men. Push-ups can increase arm strength and make the body stronger. And it can make the arm muscles firmer and have a sense of line, shaping a strong body line. Girls can do relatively basic push-ups to exercise arm strength, and then slowly do more difficult push-ups.


3. Girls do push-ups to help lose weight

Although push-ups cannot directly burn off body fat, regular push-ups can consume more calories and will not convert excess calories in the body into fat. Therefore, girls often do push-ups to help lose weight.


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