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How Long Can I Exercise Every Day To Lose Weight?

How Long Can I Exercise Every Day To Lose Weight?

Exercise for 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight. You can choose your favorite exercise and keep exercising. The effect will be obvious after a long time. Aerobic exercise will take longer than anaerobic exercise; moderate and low-intensity exercise will take longer than Time for high-intensity exercise. Doing about 60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day can control your weight. If you need to reduce body fat, the daily aerobic exercise time should exceed 90 minutes. The intensity of each aerobic exercise is controlled within the range of 60% to 70% of the maximum heart rate.

How long can I exercise


What is the most effective weight loss?

First, you must eat three meals a day. It does not mean that you will lose weight if you are hungry without eating. It is very difficult for everyone to stick to it. If you eat one meal without eating, On the contrary, you will lose weight very quickly. You can’t lose weight. Eat a good breakfast, eat fully at noon, and eat less at night. Try to eat apples and other fruits in the morning and add a glass of milk. Just eat as much as possible, but it’s only 80% full. Try to drink some porridge in the evening, empty a few days, and slowly get used to it at night. If you only drink a bowl of porridge, you won’t be hungry, so stick to it for a long time. , It is not difficult, but also a long-term effective way to lose weight.


Second, after half an hour every night, you can also use the time to watch TV, step on the spot for more than half an hour, or you can do the weight loss exercises. I personally tried it, and it really works. It was just 20 years old. You will sweat in minutes, so I think this exercise is also possible because our weight loss is mainly calories!


Third, that is, we can also get up early every day. If we can ride a bicycle or walk to work, try to stick to walking or cycling. This is also an effective weight loss exercise. It is also very good to go out and run near the park on Sundays. Losing weight itself is a very boring thing, it requires a lot of patience, so it must be persisted and then persisted.



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