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Holiday Notice of 2021 Ching Ming Festival(Not Working for 3 Days)

Holiday Notice of 2021 Ching Ming Festival

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Holiday Notice for Ching Ming Festival in 2021.


Holiday Notice for Ching Ming Festival in 2021.


Dear customers:


Hello there! In the next 3 days, (Saturday to Monday) (4.3-4.5) we can receive your message normally, but due to holidays, we may not be able to reply in time.


Since the Ching Ming Festival has arrived, we have no work for the next three days.

But we still want to receive your message, and we cherish every message you leave.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We will resume work after Monday and contact you immediately. Thank you. We sincerely thank you for your support of our work.

Please understand the inconvenience caused by the holiday.


The following is an introduction to Ching Ming Festival.



Ching Ming Festival



Tomb-sweeping Festival is a major traditional spring festival. Sweeping tombs and paying homage to ancestors is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It not only promotes filial piety and awakens the common memory of the family, but also promotes the cohesion and identity of family members and even the nation. Tomb-sweeping Festival integrates natural solar terms with humanities and customs. It is a unity of time, place, and people. It fully embodies the pursuit of the harmonious unity of “heaven, earth, and man” by the ancestors of the Chinese nation. thought of.


The Chinese nation has had the custom of outing in Qingming since ancient times. In ancient times, outings were called Tanchun, Xunchun, etc., that is, spring outings also called “Take Chun”. Generally refers to taking a walk in the countryside in early spring. This seasonal folklore activity of outing has a long history in our country. Its source is the custom of greeting the spring of ancient farming sacrifices. This custom of greeting the spring of farming sacrifices has a profound impact on later generations. The Qingming Festival has two connotations of solar terms and festivals. The Qingming solar terms provide important conditions for the formation of the Qingming outing custom in terms of time and meteorological characteristics. During the Tomb-sweeping period, spring returns to the earth, and the natural world presents a vibrant scene everywhere, which is a great time for outings. People take advantage of their convenience, and they also have a family of old and young have fun in the mountains and the countryside after sweeping the tomb.


If you want to know more about Qingming Festival, please click here!


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