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Can Fitness Really Improve Resistance?

Can Fitness Really Improve Resistance?

Human beings are always so small in front of all kinds of bacteria in nature, especially when facing unprecedented unknown dangers. To systematically improve the body’s immunity and resistance is what we need to do. So, Can fitness really improve resistance?


1. The role of fitness training
Fitness training does not only improve the body, but also the improvement of physical fitness. At present, the strength training of fitness is only regarded as a way to build a good figure, but the benefits of fitness on the body are still not discounted. An effective strength training can temporarily increase the total number of immune cells, but it will return to normal after a few hours.
However, in order to develop muscles and maintain muscle status, bodybuilders have to regularly carry out strength training for a long time. In this process, they promote the activity of the body’s immune function and also increase the number of immune cells in a quiet state. Therefore, regular and long-term strength training can strengthen the body’s immune function and resistance.

Can fitness really improve resistance?

2, the role of muscle content
There is another reason why people who exercise regularly have better immunity because their basal metabolism is higher than that of non-fitness people. The key is muscle content. Bodybuilders have relatively high muscle mass and high total heat production, which can help them stabilize their body temperature. Some people say that fitness does not only mean strength training but also running. But be aware that running is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise does not promote muscle growth, and body heat production is mainly done by muscle contraction. That is to say, the higher the muscle-specific gravity, the more stable the physical state of the person. Therefore, if you want to increase your body’s immunity and resistance through exercise, you should focus on strength training. Running can improve cardiopulmonary function and can be supplemented.


3, a good attitude

Fitness training can not only directly enhance the body’s immune system, but also indirectly improve the body’s immunity. Because the process of fitness is the process by which the body releases all kinds of stress, the current pressure on people’s lives is greater, which will more or less affect the mood. And keeping fitness can be released appropriately so that people can maintain optimism, and good mood and mentality can also maintain the human body in an optimal state.
Although fitness can promote the body’s resistance, but also remember to avoid excessive training, fitness beyond your training level will lead to a decline in physical function and resistance. In short, bacteria are everywhere, stubborn or simple. Sometimes we have to arm our teeth to fight against these awesome “ghosts”, and maintaining a fitness habit is a good choice.



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