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One-month Fat Loss Training Plan For Girls.

One-month Fat Loss Training Plan For Girls.

Weight loss must be carried out in a planned way so that our weight loss effect can be more significant. If there is no goal without a plan, our weight loss will be difficult to continue. Even if we spend a lot of thought, the weight loss effect is not good, so we must set clear goals. Take a look at the one-month fat loss training plan for girls.


 1. The first stage:
The exercise intensity in the first stage of weight loss will be smaller, but we should also pay attention to control the diet. The first stage needs to adhere to 12 days, we need to properly control the diet. You can choose breakfast to skim milk + whole wheat bread, lunch steak + a half bowl of rice, dinner eggs + fruit salad. For sports, we can start with less intensity, do 3 sets of sit-ups each day, 50 sets in each set, and add two groups of 30 seconds for tablet support, you can match the movements.

Fat Loss Training Plan For Girls

 2. The second stage:
The second phase lasts for 10 days, and it is also necessary to control diet and exercise. We chose soy milk + half slices of whole wheat bread for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch + orange, and vegetable salad for dinner. Note that this time the diet has been reduced more than the first stage. Next, the amount of exercise should be increased in an appropriate amount. We can start to do push-ups. Although it is difficult for girls, we can do a small amount first, and do 3 groups a day, 20 in each group. half an hour.


 3. The third stage:
The third stage is the sprint stage, the duration of this stage is 8 days, the time is short but the intensity is also large. For breakfast, we still choose soy milk and whole wheat bread, lunch with rice and chicken breast, a banana after dinner, and only fruit and vegetable salad for dinner. The amount of exercise needs to be increased, doing 3 sets of squats every day, 50 in each group, plus 3 groups of hip bridge movements, 30 seconds per group, and 2 groups of abdominal curling movements, 50 in each group. Persevere, you can see the obvious exercise effect.


Weight loss and fat loss is a continuous process, which requires us to match our diet and movements so that we can complete the movements better, and also can achieve better fat reduction effects. The above is a one-month fat-reducing plan for girls. Although it is difficult, perseverance is the winner.



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