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Fat Burning Shaping Action, Know A Few Small Weight Loss Moves

Fat Burning Shaping Action, Know A Few Small Weight Loss Moves

Dumbbells are one of the important equipment in bodybuilding training. Just like a hammer and a chisel, it shapes every muscle in the body. As long as you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, you can do all kinds of fitness exercises you like. Here’s how to practice a whole body with a pair of dumbbells.

1. Lower back: Compared with the microphone, tapping can reduce the pressure on the pillar. In addition, using dumbbells is more comfortable. If we use dumbbells for straight leg extensions, we can effectively develop the biceps femoris.

Fat burning shaping action

2. Calf: Standing on one leg, holding a dumbbell, and doing lifting exercises on one leg is better than using a calf training machine. You can also step on a wooden board on the front foot, put dumbbells on your knees, and do one-leg or two-leg sit-up heel lifting exercises. three. Back: Compared to barbells, flexing a rowing boat with one or two dumbbells can make back muscles grow faster. One-arm dumbbell rowing has been a back exercise for Li Hani, the seventh Olympic champion. It can not only exercise the serrated muscles of the chest, but also the muscles on both sides of the back.

4. Chest: Lying on a bench, lying supine with dumbbells, pushing up and down is more conducive to muscle growth than barbells, because it can stimulate muscles broadly and deeply. Dumbbells can also be used for multi-angle bird exercises to develop various parts of the pectoral muscles. A good way to do this is to do a set of dumbbell sleep exercises immediately after completing a set of dumbbell birds. This exercise not only has a good effect, but also can reduce the burden on the shoulder and avoid sports injuries.

5. Shoulder: Various dumbbell exercises can exercise shoulder muscles. For example, dumbbells are used for side lifts, front flat lifts, and bird bending exercises to develop the middle, bile, and back fascia of the deltoid shoulder muscles. Dumbbell shrugging or ring exercises can be used to develop trapezius.

6. Biceps: Dumbbell flexing is one of the best exercises many bodybuilding champions use to train their biceps. Different dumbbell bending methods can make the upper arm more robust, and the blocks are separated from the back and stand out clearly.

7. Triceps: Use dumbbells for flexion and extension of one or both arms. The triceps can develop into a horseshoe shape. The dumbbell can be lowered as much as possible to improve the training effect.




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