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5 Exercises To Reduce Your Tummy, 15 Minutes A Day Is More Effective Than Sit-ups

5 Exercises To Reduce Your Tummy, 15 Minutes A Day Is More Effective Than Sit-ups

For the structure of the human body, the abdomen is the part where fat is most likely to accumulate, especially for long-time sedentary office workers, who unconsciously find fat on the abdomen.

But abdominal fat has the ability to resist stubbornly, so after repeated attempts, it ended in failure. As everyone knows, in addition to “sit-ups”, there are several ways to easily combat belly fat. If you stick to it for fifteen minutes a day, you will see a huge change:


1. Push forward to the frog’s legs, and the belly fat will be clear.
Before doing any action, warm up enough, and then do a push-up position, from the shoulder to your ankle position, to maintain a straight line. Take a step towards the front with your right foot and stop next to your right hand. Keep your hips in a posture not to fall down or lift up. Then quickly retract the right foot to the original position, the left foot and the right foot do the same action.


2. Raise your legs and run to make fat disappear.
Everyone is no stranger to this action. Keep your feet and hips standing at the same width, exert force upwards on the core, and keep your back straight. During the action, the arms also need to sway with the limbs to maintain body balance. Note that in the process of running with high legs, keep your position intact to make your sex as high as possible. During the entire movement, the lower abdominal muscles will exert strength and fat will begin to burn.

Exercises To Reduce Your Tummy-Raise leg

3.Sliding against the wall
Hold your upper body and hips firmly against the wall, bend your elbows 90 degrees for one second, and then press your elbows, wrists, hands, etc. on the wall, slide your elbows downward, and shrink the scapula. The body began to gradually decline. Then straighten your arms, and your body gradually slides upwards. During the whole process, your hands cannot leave the wall.


4. Resistance band bending and pulling
Prepare the resistance band in advance to help yourself exercise. During the process, hold the resistance band firmly with both hands, step on the resistance band with your feet, and keep the distance between your feet as wide as your shoulders. Then bend the sacroiliac joint to lower your upper body, but keep your waist straight and your knees slightly bent forward. Then use the physical resistance band upwards to the upper abdomen, hold for about three seconds, and return to the starting position.


5. Dumbbells stand up
Hold a pair of dumbbells with both hands and keep them on the ground with shoulder width. Then he stood upright, with his toes touching the ground and his arms kept straight. Then bend your elbows to lower your body. When you return to the original position, pull your dumbbells back to the right chest position with your right hand, hold it for about three seconds and then return to the initial position, repeat the action with your left hand.

The above five movements, if insisted for fifteen minutes a day, will have the effect of reducing belly. However, no matter what type of exercise, you need to persist for a long time. If you give up halfway, weight loss will be hindered.


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