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New Design-EMS Fitness Electronic Waist Trainer Trimmer

EMS Fitness Electronic Waist Trainer Trimmer

There are many types of waist trainers. There are many common models with built-in steel boned, and some use breathable fabrics. These are conventional waist trainers. Today we introduce an EMS waist trainer, which is a time-saving one. Fitness, using low-frequency care, ten intensity levels, six modes, and the use of safe low pressure, as a fitness aid, is a good choice. Here are some details about it.EMS Fitness Electronic Waist Trainer Trimmer

Waist Trainer Trimmer Materials.

It is made of three layers of fabric, The inner layer is transparent waterproof TPU fabric; The middle layer is Neoprene fabric; The outer layer is Velcro fabric.

Waist Trainer Trimmer Materials

Waist Trainer Trimmer Function.

Its function is to Relieve the tension of the waist and back, improve muscle weakness, have a massage effect, can improve eating habits.

EMS Fitness Electronic Waist Trainer Trimmer advantage:

1.Six selection modes: Easily switch six modes, the user forgets to turn off the switch, the instrument can automatically cut off the power;
2.Ten types of intensity options: Levels 1-4 are pre-adoptive intensity, levels 5-7 are general fitness intensity and levels 8-10 are advanced fitness intensity;
3.Independent research and development-more cutting-edge: The company’s independent research and development design, the style is updated faster and more advanced, and we have the utility model patent of the product, which protects the design right.
4.EMS is a fitness trend: Today, there are more than 1,000 branded studios that specialize in EMS training. It is also the physical training for astronauts to prevent muscle atrophy under weightlessness. Therefore, EMS training has been chosen, which is the trend of fitness;
5.Large-scale factory-more intimate: Our company’s own factory is convenient for customers to customize and modify, and the production is more flexible;
6.Low voltage safety:3V low voltage, use more assured.

How to wear EMS Fitness Electronic Waist Trainer Trimmer:

1. Wet the conductive cotton on the belt with water first;
2. Open the fitness belt and stick it tightly along the waist;
3. Install the host, buckle the button, and turn on the host switch;
4. Select the operating mode;
5. Adjust the frequency output intensity level: A-F;
6. The running time of the instrument is 10-12 minutes each time;
7. Long press the “Power Off” button until the indicator light goes out.
(The indicator light will keep flashing when the instrument is running.)


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