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Does Yoga Weight Loss Work? Here Are Some Answers

Does Yoga Weight Loss Work? Here Are Some Answers

Weight loss is an eternal topic. I believe most people have lost weight, and dieting doesn’t work, because they can’t control themselves, or they just eat it again after losing weight. And dieting has a bad effect on health. Today I will introduce a few yoga moves to lose weight. It doesn’t take much time, and it is very healthy and efficient. Come take a look at these yoga weight loss exercises.


Triangle forward flexion extension
a. Stand up, your left leg is not moving, your toes are forward, your right leg is one step forward, the distance is wider than the shoulder, and the direction of the right foot is perpendicular to the left foot;

b. Straighten your legs, bend your upper body to the right, press your back down, but keep your back straight. Close your abdomen and turn your upper body to the right.

c. Put your right hand in front of your right foot, bend your left elbow over your head, head forward, and your eyes up to maintain balance.
d. Hold this position for one minute, stand up, turn your body to the left, and do a right forward flexion posture. Can repeat 3-5 groups.

Does Yoga Weight Loss Work

2. Sitting forward flexion + standing forward flexion
a. Put your legs together and stand upright with your heels close to the ground.
b. Tilt your upper limbs forward so that your chest is firmly against your thighs. Face pressed tightly to the calf.
c. Stretch your arms forward and grab your feet. Make the body a lumpy.
d. The former is standing on the ground with legs straight together, leaning forward, upper limbs, chest close to thighs, arms hanging down and stretching naturally, palms supported on the ground.


3. Riding
a. Prone on the ground, tightening the abdomen, maintaining even breathing, arms stretch forward, forearms and elbows supported, slowly lifting the upper body until the abdomen and the ground have a certain height;
b. The left leg is extended backwards, the knees support the ground to keep the body balanced, the right leg is extended, the feet are close to the ground, the legs are perpendicular to the ground, and are side by side with the arms;
c. Hold the action for 30 seconds, change to the other side, and repeat 5 times.



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