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Can Sports Prevent Cancer?

Can Sports Prevent Cancer?

Does everyone want to know how to reduce the risk of cancer? Can Sports Prevent Cancer? Researchers at the American Cancer Center recently published a research paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine. Through analysis of data from 1.44 million people in the United States and Europe, they found that exercise can significantly reduce the incidence of 13 cancers!
Although there have been many articles on exercise and cancer incidence before, this is by far the largest and most comprehensive study and it is worth reading.

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So, what kind of exercise can prevent cancer? How much risk can be reduced? I think everyone should know.
What sports can prevent cancer?
The thesis studies “leisure time sports”, including walking, running, swimming, fitness, etc., which is what we call “exercise”. “Sports” related to the nature of work, such as heavy manual workers and professional athletes, are not included in the amount of exercise. The conclusions of this article show that in order to prevent cancer, the amount of exercise is important, what exercise method is not so important, and strenuous exercise is not required. Run, play, Tai Chi, square dance, just like it.
What cancer risks does exercise reduce?
This article studied 26 types of cancer and found that exercise can significantly reduce the incidence of 13 of them, respectively (the percentage reduction in parentheses): esophageal adenocarcinoma (42%), liver cancer (27%), lung cancer (26%), Kidney cancer (23%), gastric cardia cancer 22%), endometrial cancer (21%), myeloid leukemia (20%), myeloma (17%), colon cancer (16%), head and neck cancer (15%) ), Rectal cancer (13%), bladder cancer (13%), and breast cancer (10%).
A large number of papers from other perspectives, such as animal experiments, have proven that exercise can reduce the incidence of cancer, plus exercise can reduce obesity, and obesity is a clear carcinogenic factor.

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