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Can Sport Help Mental Health?There Are Some Answers

Can Sport Help Mental Health?There Are Some Answers

The effect of sport on mental health
We often get good experiences from sports, such as refreshing after jogging and relaxing after walking. The benefits of physical exercise to mental health far exceed the imagination of most people, whether it is a casual physical activity or regular physical exercise.
1. Sport can relieve psychological stress
Scientific research has found that exercise itself can promote endocrine changes in the human body. After exercise, the brain produces a substance called endorphin. The mood of a person is related to how much endorphin is secreted by the brain. Exercise can stimulate the secretion of endorphins. When the exercise reaches a certain amount, the secretion of endorphins increases. Under the stimulation of endorphins, the human body and mind are in a relaxed state. Endorphins are also known as “happiness hormones”. They can make people feel happy and content and can help people relieve stress and unhappiness.

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2. Sport enhances self-confidence
Self-confidence is a state of mind that believes that your desires can be achieved. It is not only closely related to everyone’s innate personality will and quality but also determined by the cultivation and training of the day after tomorrow.
When people participate in physical exercise, they can improve their self-awareness, correctly position themselves, analyze problems reasonably, and constantly improve themselves, thereby enhancing self-confidence. In participating in physical activities and persisting in exercise, people constantly overcome themselves, surpass themselves, strengthen their physiological functions and physical fitness, and improve their sports skills. When these results are achieved, people will have self-fulfilling cognition and emotional experience, and they will have a happy and exciting feeling of happiness.
3. Sport can cultivate a positive attitude
By participating in physical exercise, you can find your favorite sports. In the process of participating in this sport, you will actively participate in it and cooperate with your peers to fight against your opponents. In the process, you will get a very wonderful thrill and psychological satisfaction, that is, to enhance self-confidence and pride, to develop an optimistic attitude, when you encounter a sudden situation, you will have a determination to overcome.

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