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Can Running Make Us Lose Weight?

Can Running Make Us Lose Weight?

In recent years, many people have fallen in love with running sports. Running can increase physical resistance, and the brain of normal runners will also secrete more dopamine, which is a pleasant substance. In short, running will become more and more popular. Many people run to lose weight, so can running really help you lose weight? I believe you all want to know, let us take a look now.


First: Running can achieve the purpose of body movement. It promotes the muscles of the limbs very well. Regular exercise can improve our cardiopulmonary function and help prevent certain diseases.

Second: Running can better improve our skin. Many women spend a lot of money on skin care products to get better skin quality. In fact, by running and sleeping well, it improves the skin better. Running can detoxify. During sweating, dirt will be discharged from the pores. After a period of time, the skin will naturally become better.


Third: Running can improve our metabolism, and everyone knows that running is an aerobic exercise, so running every day can help us lose weight.

If you want to improve the efficiency of running to lose weight, I will make four suggestions for everyone.
Recommendation 1: It’s best to run in the morning
Because running in the morning can consume more fat, and it takes more than 30 minutes to run before the fat starts to burn. You can walk for five minutes to get used to it, and then start running for fifteen minutes. Slow down slowly in the last ten minutes, or you can walk for five more minutes so that your body can be better cushioned.

Recommendation 2: Don’t run when tired
Many people go for a run after work. In fact, this approach is not ideal. They are still tired after work and it is best to take a break. Even if the air is good at night, they should choose to run in the morning. You can choose some other sports at night.

Recommendation 3: Massage legs after running
Because most of the power of running is done through the legs, it is best to massage the legs for about five minutes after running to relieve muscle tension and prevent the legs from becoming thick.

Recommendation 4: Reasonable meal pairing
If you are a dieter, you ca n’t eat too many high-calorie foods and fried foods during running. You can eat a small amount of food before running to avoid hypoglycemia, but the amount of three meals must be less than before. You can have a full breakfast, seven or eight full for lunch, and six full for dinner.

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