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How To Exercise Properly To Lose Weight ,Stick To 5 Sports Weight Loss Principles

Stick to 5 Sports Weight Loss Principles

Why do some people take the most scientific and greenest way to lose weight, but they can’t lose weight? In order to achieve weight loss through exercise, some rules must be followed, such as the frequency of exercise and dietary arrangements after exercise. So how to exercise to lose weight properly? Let’s find out below!

1. Strength training is essential
For fat loss, striving for an hour of aerobic dance, the fat loss effect is less than half an hour of weight training. This is because muscles have a higher metabolic rate.
Entering the gym twice a week for weight training, or developing the habit of lifting dumbbells daily, can make your body muscles stronger and promote self-consumption of fat.

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2.Segmented exercise
Research shows that it is also a 2-hour fitness exercise. It is divided into 40 minutes to do 3 times, and the fat consumed is almost 7 times that of 60 minutes to do 2 times. Therefore, as much exercise as possible, weight loss will be better.

3.Exercise for at least 20 minutes
Although it is said to be divided into sections and multiple times in a short time, the shortest time is not less than 20 minutes. From the perspective of promoting health, a single exercise for more than 10 minutes can achieve the effect of promoting health. However, from the perspective of fat loss and calorie consumption, only 10 minutes of exercise consumption is very small, and the main consumption is glycogen.

4. Diversified sports
Weight loss is mainly aerobic exercise for a long time, you can choose to jog, dance, swim and so on. On this basis, it is best to have strength training 2 to 3 times a week to increase muscle and increase basal metabolic rate, so as to better achieve weight loss. In addition, exercise methods such as high-intensity interval exercises and running and walking also have better results.

5, develop good eating habits
After continuing to practice and mastering the above good exercise methods, weight-loss people also need to pay attention to developing good eating habits. This is actually very simple. You only need to control the dinner three times a day. Eat breakfast and lunch normally, control dinner as much as possible, do not starve, do not overeating.



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