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Five Sports That Burn The Most Calories

Five Sports That Burn The Most Calories

The life of thin people is rich and colorful, the life of fat people is the same, that is to go on a long journey to lose weight. Exercise is the best way to burn fat, but different exercise methods will have different fat-burning effects. List five high-calorie exercises that I hope will help you with difficult choices.


Tennis is aerobic. One hour of exercise can consume 350 calories.
Because tennis practice is a form of competition, the sport is more fun and continuous. Ideal for practicing weight loss.


2. running
Running is also aerobic, jogging for an hour can consume 400 calories.
Running is a very popular form of exercise at the moment. About three or five friends often run up and stick to it for a period of time to easily throw off the fat.

And there are no restrictions on the running field and time, and it is very convenient to exercise, suitable for all people.

Burn The Most Calories-running

3 boxing training
Boxing training is a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance exercise. One hour of exercise can consume 370 calories.

Boxing is a very cool form of exercise that not only burns fat but also helps shape muscles.
Keep practicing-you will definitely get bumpy body shape.


4. Swimming
Swimming is aerobic. One hour of exercise can consume 500 calories.
Swimming is the sport that consumes the most calories, but the swimming time should not be too long, otherwise, it is easy to cause muscle damage.

Remember to ensure a proper amount of rest during swimming.


5. Walk quickly
Brisk walking is aerobic exercise, and one hour of exercise can consume 300 calories.
Brisk walking is most suitable for beginners of sports. Free exercise, moderate exercise, but the fat burning effect is very good. After the body can adapt to the intensity of exercise, you can slowly add more types of exercise.
No matter what kind of exercise you choose, you must do it step by step to prevent sports injury and exercise stress. In addition, make sure you get enough water during exercise.



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