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What Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss? The 8 Most Effective Lose Fat Exercises

The 8 Most Effective Lose Fat Exercises

12-minute freestyle burns calories
Swimming with short duration and high-calorie consumption is the best choice to save weight loss time. Also swimming, the amount of exercise in freestyle is relatively large, it only takes 12 minutes to consume a lot of calories, try it quickly!

Walking 10,000 steps daily can keep your body shape from rebounding
At a slightly sweating speed, walking 10,000 steps a day can lose 1 kilogram in a month. In terms of time, it is equivalent to walking 2 hours a day. You can walk 4 kilometers at a slightly faster than usual speed. Walking on slopes such as steps is more effective.

Stretching exercise, lasting 7 seconds at a time works best
When doing stretching exercises, you should choose the amount of exercise that suits you. In general, around lasting about 7 seconds works best. lose fat through stretching exercises, if you give up halfway, it will have the opposite effect, so be sure to insist!

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 Jogging for more than 20 minutes will produce results
Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat and continuously deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. It is an excellent weight-loss method. Jogging is an aerobic exercise. After 20 minutes, the body’s fat begins to burn, achieving the effect of weight loss. Swimming and walking are also aerobic exercises, which can be selected according to different conditions.


 Perform a half-body bath in hot water at 37 ° C for 20 minutes
Soaking in the water at about 37 ° C can activate cells in the body and accelerate metabolism. Bathing in water leisurely can effectively promote sweat discharge, making you beautiful and charming from the inside out. A 20-minute immersion in the bathtub is effective for weight loss. If you don’t like sports, use a simple half-body bath to complete the weight loss task!

Pressing auricular points can control appetite
Acupoints at the ears to control appetite are called hunger points. Pressing about 5 times a day can effectively reduce appetite. It is best to do it 30 minutes before a meal for better results. But the effect of weight loss varies from person to person.

A 30-minute foot massage can effectively reduce appetite
Reflexology is very effective in controlling appetite.

 Chewing a lot when eating can effectively reduce facial fat.
 Chewing at least 20 times per meal can effectively reduce facial fat, so those who have gobble eating habits should improve as soon as possible.


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