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15 Efficient Abdominal Exercises (1)

15 Efficient Abdominal Exercises (1)

1 Rope belly
Using the high rope, pull out the Y-shaped rope, if not, you can use the V-shaped handle, start with a lightweight. The rope belly is a bit like a basic belly turned over. Take a kneeling position and look down. From the kneeling position, the thigh is perpendicular to the ground, the torso is parallel to the ground, the back is slightly arched, and both hands hold the end of the rope from the head. Keep the pelvis and lower back still, start pulling the rope down to the floor, and approach the knee until it touches the floor or knee, the contract at the peak for 1-2 seconds, then slowly control the weight back to the starting point, and let the body exceed The horizontal line, meanwhile the back is slightly arched, stretching the abdominal muscles and stopping.

At this time, you can feel the difference from the belly on the floor: the resistance from the rope is constant. As the curled belly on the floor lifts, the resistance drops.

Keep the lower back and buttocks still; the buttocks are not fulcrums; the buttocks are the center of abdominal muscle movement, just like the shoulders during biceps training; note that using a weight that allows you to repeat 12-15 times; the weight is too large It affects the so-called hamstrings (muscles connecting the spine and thighs); do not arch too much back.

efficient abdominal exercises

2 Rally turn
Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and stand upright. Your knee is slightly bent and next to a low-level puller. Your right shoulder is facing the puller. Pass your left hand through the body from the front and grasp the handle. Place it on your left hand, keep your shoulders straight throughout the movement, but do n’t lock up, by twisting your left abdominal oblique muscle to make you twist your torso from your waist to the right, and tilt the handle upward in an arc Pull through the body and eventually to the highest point, keeping your left arm as straight as possible. Follow the original path and repeat the next time. After completing all the quantities on one side, switch to another.


3 BOSU ball tablet
Both hands are supported on both sides of the BOSU ball, doing a flat style, always tighten the waist and abdomen, and coordinate the muscles of the body to stabilize the body balance.


4 Switzerland seeks double elbow tablet
Put your elbows on the Swiss ball and make a double-elbow plate, always tighten the waist and abdomen, and coordinate the various muscle groups of the body to stabilize the body balance.


5 Swiss ball straight arm flat curved leg
Put your feet on the exercise ball and extend it fully outward until I become plate support. Tighten your abdomen without moving your upper body. Use your abdominal strength to slowly roll the fitness ball towards your abdomen. Until your quadriceps is perpendicular to the ground, hold for 0.5 seconds, and return to the starting position.


6 Mason twist
Sit on the mat with your feet crossed, your upper body lifted your hands to hold the ball, straighten your back and tighten the core, your legs will not move, and your sides will twist alternately. Keep your arms tight and straight.


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