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The Four Most Typical Mistakes Of Yoga Weight Loss, You May Need To Know

The Four Most Typical Mistakes Of Yoga Weight Loss

Yoga, as one of the methods of the popular sports of modern people, is more and more loved and sought after by everyone. Many women also choose to lose weight through yoga.

But as for why practicing yoga every day, after a period of time, the body has not changed in any way?
This should be a misunderstanding of “yoga weight loss”. Next, let’s take a closer look at these misunderstandings and see if we are shot.


First, the four most typical mistakes of yoga weight loss
(1) The more intense the warm-up, the more adequate?
You know, the practice of yoga is to deepen your body and mind and restore energy through deep breathing and soothing gentle movements. You need peace of mind to do it. Vigorous warm-ups (dynamic dance, aerobics, etc.), or even sweating, can lead to mental and muscle excitement, and it is difficult to enter the state required by yoga.

yoga weight loss

(2) The more you sweat, the more you lose weight?
First, clarify that the amount of sweat has nothing to do with weight loss. “Sweating” is one way the body regulates body temperature. More sweating does not equal good weight loss. Secondly, yoga is not a simple movement. It requires a combination of breathing and meditation and requires unity of mind and body. After a yoga class, instead, we should not be sweaty, and our bodies should be more relaxed. It is a spiritual soothing, comfortable from the inside out.


(3) The higher the difficulty, the better?
If you just judge the level of yoga from the difficulty of the action poses, then the children in the acrobatic group should be yoga masters. Here we still want to emphasize: Yoga is the realization of all levels of body and mind. There are many yoga movements. Beginners must learn to listen to their inner voice and practice step by step. Don’t do it bit by bit. It can be practiced first to increase the muscle strength and flexibility of the body before trying the more difficult ones.


(4) Is the action beautiful?
Some people think that asana is the most important, just care about whether the posture is beautiful, don’t care about movement and breathing.
However, in yoga practice, every movement must be perfectly combined with breathing. For example, when you begin to practice the sun-style movement, first inhale, raise your arms, and then exhale, and slowly pull your arms forward.

Yoga belongs to both internal and external practice, asana is only part of it. Meditation and breathing are the most important. If the practitioner does not understand the body, the limits are not known, and the possibility of injury is increased.



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