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Yoga Thin Belly And Waist Fat. These Movements Must Be Learned

Yoga Thin Belly And Waist Fat. These Movements Must Be Learned

Do you show a little distressed belly by wearing tighter clothes? How to chase away this trouble? Do yoga to lose weight and thin belly. Here are a few weight loss yoga moves to help you quickly reduce fat and fat on your belly and waist.


The first yoga action: bridge-style thin belly.
This movement is very simple, and it is not too difficult to do. You can even lie down on the bed. You can choose to do this yoga exercise for half an hour before going to bed. In this way, you can easily lose your stomach and waist. The fat on it.


First, you need to lie on the floor or the top of the bed, then bend your legs, put your hands on the ground behind your hands, hold your hands together, then slowly lift your lower body, keep your legs upright, straighten your waist, Put your arm against the floor and your head flat on the floor, looking at the sky. This action can exercise your stomach and waist, so that the fat on your stomach can be well exercised, so it can reduce the belly fat.


The second yoga action: Golden Rooster Freestyle.
Many people say that they are lazy and do not want to move much, but they still want to reduce the fat on their stomachs and waists, so this action is very suitable for lazy friends. This action can be done no matter where it is, as long as there is flat ground. The first stand on the ground, open your feet with shoulder width, raise your hands above the head, put your hands together on the head, then lift one foot and put the instep against the thigh of the other leg.

Yoga Thin Belly And Waist Fat

Then keep breathing, look at the front with your eyes, raise your head and hold your chest, and keep your abdomen. Although this movement is static, it can also be exercised to the part of the exercise, helping you to reduce the fat on the stomach and waist. And this action is very convenient to do, everyone can even do it while chasing the drama.


The third yoga action: sitting leg lift.
This action will be a bit more tiring than the previous one, but the effect will be more obvious. Sit on the floor, lift your legs and hands, put your hands on your thighs, and lift your legs alternately to do bicycle-like movements, and remember that your waist and stomach must be hard, so that you can get up To reduce the effect of waist fat. Although this action is relatively tiring, the effect is very good, as long as you keep doing it, you will soon be able to see the effect of weight loss.


It’s not difficult to subtract the fat on the belly and waist. As long as you can do the above actions carefully, you can definitely subtract the unsightly belly and bucket waist.



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